Custom Vision: Chapter 1

Computer Vision Jul 21, 2021

In our previous posts we learned What is Vision? and What can we do with Vision?

But sometimes using somebody else's work for our purpose doesn't quite fit well and we end up redoing things.

That is what Customisation is all about. There are many instances where we are doing some Niche State of the Art work and there are no pre-trained solutions to refer to or build from.

In Today's series, we are going to tackle such critical problems and guiding our readers through the steps necessary to build Custom Solutions in less than 10 mins for their personal needs.

Now you must be wondering What's so new about this?

  1. Custom Builds for your use cases in cutting edge time
  2. Leveraging pre-trained + Custom Models for niche problems
  3. Utilising State of the Art Cloud Native solutions for personalised data
  4. Getting it Ready for production use right off the bat

What does it mean?

Computer Vision is the Art of Perceiving, Analysing, Identifying and Mapping patterns in what we or the Machines see.

It sounds like a pretty straightforward thing to achieve, as it comes as the instinct to us Humans, but that is not the case with Machines.

For a machine to be able to achieve the same level of Cognitive analytics as that of Humans, it needs to go through certain rigorous Training and Extensive Computation.

Now who is to say that a Machine is at it's best. As Practice makes a Man Perfect, so it does for a Machine too.

Let me ask you this When we intend on treading an unexplored path who do we look to for help?

Even though we know that nobody has ever tread the same path as yours, we hope someone would be there to help you. But in the end, we always Create our own Experiences and have our own Learnings from the Journey we take.

In the same manner, when one is trying to build Custom Solutions for particular domains or a Niche community, looking out on the Internet doesn't always provide you with the best solution.

That is when Customisation comes to your rescue.

How do we do it?

Now that we understand the importance of why Customisation or Hand Crafted AI Solutions are necessary for the Industry. Let's take a look at the necessary steps for reaching our Destination.

Now that you have a Map and you know your Pit Stops, how about we check Where does your Journey Start.

Where to Begin?

Well, your Journey begins with this Article, and follow us through in this series and we will help you reach your Destination.

But on a side note, you can explore the following tools, which we will be exploring in-depth as we dive deeper into Custom Vision -

  1. Label Studio - Data Annotation
  2. AutoML - Google Cloud Platform
  3. AWS Rekognition - Amazon Web Services
  4. Tensorflow - Custom Neural Models

I hope this article finds you well and you enjoy the journey in our forthcoming posts. STAY TUNED 😁


Vaibhav Satpathy

AI Enthusiast and Explorer

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