Microsoft's Vision of Future

Business of AI Oct 22, 2021
Being a Visionary is not easy, but not being one also doesn't get you anywhere.

In today's rapidly advancing world, technology changes its very face and existence day after day.

And keeping a track of what's happening around the globe has become next to impossible.

With that being said, it also has a brighter side to it.

The more the technology evolves, the more it helps people realise their dreams. And when more people dream, humanity evolves at an unbelievable pace.

There are many firms around the globe who are taking drastic measures, pushing their talent pool to the brink to bring Science Fiction to every door step.

As every day passes by the boundary between Reality and Fiction fades even more.

For all the movie lovers out there and the Curious minds, take a look at this trailer of a movie which released in 2018, by one of the most talented directors of this time - Steven Spielberg - Ready Player One

Wow! Isn't it. Imagine a complete Virtual Universe

As mesmerising it may sound, the movie is based in the year 2045. Well at the time of writing, that is still 24 years away.

Imagine the limitless possibilities of Who or What you can be?

Well yeah that's Science Fiction for you.

But what if I told you that one of the Big Giants is working towards making this dream a reality. It is the one and only Microsoft

If you go through the previous trailer, just try linking our existing world's AI capabilities to what can be?

  1. GANs (Generative Artificial Neural Networks) - Rendering real time scenarios, altering the perception of the environment, appearances of person and what not.
  2. Augmented Reality - Giving people realistic visuals of a completely virtual world with an immersive experience
  3. Haptic Feedback - Taking the experience an extra mile by adding in Haptic controls to feel every emotion, sting, adrenaline as if it's happening right in front of you.
And this is just the TIP of the ice berg.

If you feel that all of it is unrealistic, here take a look at Future Vision 2040 launched by Microsoft a decade before the movie even released.

It encompasses technologies from every division of AI -

  1. Edge Computing - Bringing AI and Virtual assistance to the palm of your hands.
  2. Indoor Navigation Systems - Using AR and Feedback bots
  3. Conversational AI - Taking Natural Language Processing to its epitome
  4. Language Translation - Using NLP and Neural Modelling to enhance real time conversation with people from different Geographical locations with different mother tongue

Well we can go on and on and on and the list would never end.

Collaborating with the Physical world is the way to go forward.

And that is something that all visionaries are making evident with their concept releases.

But are we just about Visions and dreams, ofcourse not, we are practical people who like to see dreams take the form of reality.

With the release of Microsoft Hololens 2, the world is nothing like it used to be before.

HoloLens 2—Overview, Features, and Specs | Microsoft HoloLens
HoloLens 2, a new vision for computing. Take a closer look at the specs and features that bring your mixed reality business solution to life.

2040 may now be 2030 for all we know. With the introduction of Microsoft Mesh in sync with Hololens, interactive learning, collaborative development, staying connected with people, all of it feels different now.

Take a look at the latest release and a glimpse into the world we are headed into -

It may be too much to take in at the moment, but believe it or not it is happening.

The world is changing at a rapid pace and before we know it, today will become history.

I hope you find this article intriguing. In our future articles we will be breaking down more of such futuristic AI technologies and bringing it closer to TODAY.



Vaibhav Satpathy

AI Enthusiast and Explorer

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