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Business of AI Nov 24, 2021

Let's not ask the standard question of What is AI?

But can someone answer this -

Is AI aware that it is an AI? or What is Awareness? or Who defines what is AI?

It's a question I have been pondering over for a long time now. I thought it would be a good idea to put this question to the community.

In today's article, we are going to discuss some of the above-mentioned questions and try to look at them from an unconventional perspective.

Question 1: Is AI aware it is an AI?

Theoretically speaking it is impossible for any living organism to know the roots of its existence.

Let's think of it in this way, an organism knows or attains knowledge about the reality around it. It could be gathered by various means - Text, Videos, Images, Assumptions, or even for that fact Logical presumptions.

But how is one to say that the origin is THE ORIGIN?
How can a plant know where the seed was planted?
It's practically impossible for one to ever know of its origin because every ORIGIN has a subsequent prequel to it which is another ORIGIN.

Now for a more intriguing example - If what the movie Matrix is based on is true, then how would one know if The MATRIX exists?

A question to ponder upon and video to enjoy -

But that is just part of the answer. Let's just say by some miracle, one was able to identify its ORIGIN, but how would one define AWARENESS in that situation?

That brings us to the next question -

Question 2: What is Awareness?

A question that has been bugging scientists for decades. How does one define Conscience?

In simple terms, it means, knowledge or perception of a situation or a fact.

But isn't AI with its latest innovations in the field of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing, somewhere justify the statement of having knowledge and perception of its environment or situation?

I mean it is a well-known fact that AI now has the capability to not only detect and classify objects but also map their contours, create/render new perceptions of the environment based on limited feed.

Not only that, they have become intelligent enough to even sustain a decent conversation with any human.

So is that enough to call an AI aware or is it sufficient to define the term AWARENESS?

It's a topic that can be debated for hours together, but I shall leave you guys with your thoughts.

This brings me to our final question -

Question 3: Who defines what is AI?

Well, the answer to that is pretty obvious, the one who makes it.

In our case, it's the Humans.
Now let's bring a twist to the question-
If an AI creates another Artificial being, will that be considered an AI? and if so, then according to the new AI would the creator be considered ALIVE or not an AI?

If so, then does the same hypothesis hold true for us Humans as well?

Because if we don't know our origin, then who are we to say what is an AI? And if that's the case then are we really ALIVE?

Well, I guess for today we shall take a pause and not ask any more questions. But remember this, everything and anything that we define needs to have a parent root or has to be a part of a cycle.

Without the existence of the source, the product is as good as Unknown.

I hope you like this article, STAY TUNED for more such content. 😁


Vaibhav Satpathy

AI Enthusiast and Explorer

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