Peek into the Future: Neural Networks in Healthcare

Business of AI Jun 30, 2021
We have learnt more about Neural Networks in the past decade than we have in our entire Human History.

Some would say it is the beginning of Doomsday and some say it is a Blessing.

But one thing that we all are certain of is that, it is helping us strive into making Ground Breaking Advancements in every Domain we have ever experienced.

Be it Healthcare, Public Sector, Life Sciences or even Human Assistance, we have made inventions and discoveries which were once thought to be Science-Fiction.

What we thought would never be possible 20 years ago, is a reality today.

This series of Peek into the Future, focuses on the Science-Fiction which is a possibility in our near future and breaks down every component needed potentially from an AI perspective which we can and are building at some capacity today.

Healthcare is one of the most compelling and demanding field of Research and Practice for whole of Humanity. As it directly impacts the lives of people, the Accuracy and Precision expected out of the technologies are nothing less than PERFECT.

Without wasting much time, let's dive a bit into the realm of Science-Fiction.

What if I told you, you could have a Med-Bay which could potentially Identify, Locate and Cure any disease known to mankind?

Here we have some Movie Clippings from the movie - Elysium

One of the biggest challenges today is to Identify and Locate the core of the infection spreading within our body.

Doctors usually have to spend weeks before they can pin point Where and What of the disease. Sometimes some patients don't have weeks.

This is where Artificial Intelligence kicks in and accelerates the process. As you could see in the Video above -

  1. There is device that scan the Human Body. This type of scanning in today's world is what we call as MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
  2. Using Computer Vision, leveraging Neural Networks one would be able to identify the root cause and location of the disease
  3. Now to cure, one would have to use Nanotechnology to navigate to the point and explore and repair the cells infected by the same
But what I promised is more than Superficial Knowledge to implement this.

Let's take a look at another example of Facial Reconstruction before we dive into the intricacies of How to Implement it.

So what we saw above, was a man who was critically injured and had lost most of his face. Theoretically speaking, it is almost impossible to come back from such a stage.

But because it's Science-Fiction, somehow the man's Brain was still intact and in a working condition. But still a task for the Med-Bay.

  1. As before the system performs a MRI scan and analyses the criticality of the burns and losses.
  2. Identifies the cells which need to be discarded VS the ones which retain Information of the previous state of the Human and can help in reconstruction
  3. It re-programs the neurons within our body to accelerate the cell Multiplication process to cover and heal the entire sect of the lost muscles, tissues and organs.

Well as discussed before, now that we have looked at some of the examples and got an idea of what needs to be done, let's dive deeper into the technologies that can be leveraged to attain such a humongous feat.

Reference Link
  1. Computer Vision - A technology which plays a very crucial role in enhancing and processing the Images for further inspection.
  2. Anomaly Detection - Once the images are scanned, they need to be processed via an AI engine that can identify anomalies, if there are any deviations from the normal.
  3. Image Classification - Once an anomaly has been detected, Identification of the type of disease or damage plays a significant role in further treatment,
  4. Image Segmentation - Leveraging Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) to identify areas within the Human body which are infected by the disease.
  5. Instance Segmentation - Utilising CNNs to identify the infected cells VS the healthy cells and only targeting repair and removal of the damaged cells.
  6. Transfer Learning - To retain the original structure and functionality of the cells, knowledge and Information stored within them needs to be passed into the newly developed and replicated cells.
  7. Reinforcement Learning - As it is an iterative process and every cell has its individuality, it is necessary for it to be able to receive Tactical Feedback to process and adjust itself according to the the needs.


Every technology discussed above has been implemented at some level and capacity in today's world. All we need now is to Explore, Develop and Enhance these technologies to attain what we today call Science-Fiction.

STAY TUNED for more such mind boggling breakdown of Science-Fiction with Artificial Intelligence. 😁


Vaibhav Satpathy

AI Enthusiast and Explorer

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