Peek into the Future: Black Mirror - White Christmas

Business of AI Oct 1, 2021

There's a saying -

One is free to make their own choices, but not free from their consequences.

And it is true that no change or evolution has only positive impacts.

AI is one such controversial technology that has been expanding and engulfing every industry it comes across in its way. Changing the definition of what we consider practicality and reality as of date.

The realm of reality is only as good as your Imagination.
And imagination is the tree of future of the seed of reality you sow today.

AI technologies have been altering our lives, without we even realising the repercussions of the same.

Let's take an example. With the advancements in Computer Vision, Autonomous Vehicles, Security, Tracking, Patrolling and a lot more has become a walk in the park for us.

Making our lives secure and providing us with a feeling of living in Science Fiction.

But what if we were to tweak the use case a bit. Without wandering off too much into the abyss. How about we help our imagination a bit.

Take a look at one of the video clippings below by the one and only - Black Mirror

To most AI Enthusiasts the implementation above would look seemingly straight forward. And that is true to a great extent.

The primary technology being leveraged in the Clipping above is pure Computer Vision. But till date we had only considered the Positive Impact or if I may also say - How it made humanity take leaps into the Future.

With such technologies being accessible to more and more people, the likeliness of the use case being tweaked for various business needs is all the more likely and who is to say that the repercussions to the psychological health of an individual is to be completely positive.

Now that we have raised the concern of an individual's psychology. There is a question I would like to ask.

What if we could replicate conscience? If Yes, How would I do it?

The answer to the question above is in the Video below.

Let's think about it a little intuitively.

How do Humans learn?

We spend days, weeks, months with other individuals and adapt and mimic their actions and patterns and get a hang of their culture, routine and work.
What if we could have an intelligence replicate the same characteristics as above?

Imagine the implications of such a technology. One on hand you would be able to automate your daily lives in a personalised manner to a great extent, on the other hand one might also be able to create clones of oneself.

Then again the PROS and CONS of a technology is totally driven by the moral ethics of the individual developing it and the one marketing it.

Well to stay true to the purpose of our article, let's try and beak down the technologies mentioned above into their feasible components in current world -

Image Segmentation - It mostly revolves around the concept of mapping the contours of an object that it identifies in a given frame. The contours are mapped at pixel level, thereby giving high precision and detailing. Every Pixel mapped to an object is tagged and categorised accordingly.
Image Processing - Understanding the concepts of Image processing comes in very handy when one wants to alter the visuals of a certain feed. Be it Blurring, Sharpening, smoothening or Filtering. Many Open Source tools such as OpenCV play a significant role in helping us achieve these goals.
Reinforcement Learning - The technology has been prevalent for a long time and has been seeing a lot of development recently. The concept is basically to learn with every iteration based on a reward and punishment. Indirectly mimicking the natural instincts of living organisms
Synaptic Network - A relatively new term in this domain. It has a relatively advanced form of mimicry of human brain and not just the logical means of learning that we perform. Helping us move into the direction of adaptive learning.


I hope this article intrigues and triggers the curiosity within you to explore the various realms of Artificial Intelligence.

AI is not just Maths, it is creativity, imagination with Science

Feel free to tinker around and grow your knowledge base, because what was mentioned above, was just the tip of the iceberg.

STAY TUNED for more such thrilling content. 😁


Vaibhav Satpathy

AI Enthusiast and Explorer

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