Peek into the Future: Machines are Dreaming

Business of AI Jul 12, 2021
A question all of us have asked ourselves - How far is the day when Machines actually take over?

To be very honest, the answer is not that simple.

Everyday Humanity is taking leaps into the future, making Yesterday look like decades ago and Tomorrow like Dreams.

Then again Dreams are nothing but Reality which is inevitable and hasn't occurred yet.

Everyday we experience tons of technologies being released into the markets catering to various needs and interests of different species and cultures. But then again we don't stop at that, we take another step ahead and Visualise and Imagine what the Next Generation of Technology would look like.We create concept models, Science-Fiction, Art works and what not.

All of it is just a mere fragment of our mind.

Well the previous statement is where the true power lies. As we all are aware AI is meant to mimic human responses and actions, so theoretically speaking if our mind can process it then it can make it and If our mind can then so can any AI.

Well we have been beating around the bush for a while, let's talk about what today's article is all about.

One of the strongest, reliable and most dependent upon senses of Humans is Vision. The rate at which technologies are advancing Identifying Images, Detecting objects, or even for that fact Rendering State of the Art paintings is not mind boggling anymore.

So what is then?

Let's take a look at what the Future holds for us and How we can tread on the path to achieve it Today.

See What your Machines See ...

I know, somethings just make you question your reality. But well I guess it would totally be fine to be Amazed and Astonished at this one of a kind representation of Flow of Data in Machines.

This is the closest we have been to visually understanding the Flow and Transitions of the way an AI perceives and processes Information.

It is extremely crucial in many AI Designs to fully understand the Scope of Data Flow and be able to correlate the Features across the Dataset.

Most of us have always been told that AI is a Blackbox. Is it truly? Well I will let your imagination talk to you about it.

But as a fellow enthusiast and developer, it is in my DNA to break down such technologies to understand how would one achieve such a feat?

Now if I were to explain this in a single Statement - Convolutional Neural Networks is the key to all you see.

But before we go into any details, How about we look at something a little more mind boggling.

Machines can Read your Mind ...

Well if what you so saw didn't give you Goosebumps, then I am not sure what will. Imagine if this technology were to be more widely accessible to Humanity, I think it would raise a lot of Eyebrows in the Society, who is to say if it's for the Good or Bad.

But let's just say for arguments sake that this is somewhat of an achievable feat. Let's talk about the implications and possible implementations of the same -

Lie Detection - One would potentially be able to visualise one's thoughts. It would practically become impossible to LIE.
Mind Mapping - Imagine being able to create a mind map of all the thoughts that you have ever had. Not losing track of any, being able to search through, transform or even edit them can practically change one's thought process.
Art and Culture - This technology would accelerate the process of Designing and creating breath taking work of Art. Simplifying the lives of Artists, Architects, Designers all around the Globe.
Dream Sharing - Well it would be a shame if we don't mention INCEPTION. For the one's who don't know what it is - Sharing of one's mind and thoughts with another person to lead a virtual life away from reality, based on your memories. Let's take a quick peek.

Now that we have an idea, How about we see How we can make it Happen.

In order to build something that has the capacity to be even remotely able to understand the Flow of Data, Transform Data, Find correlations between them, Identify Patterns and Alter them, one would have to look at a complex web of multiple Models.

Clustering - Identifying similarities between Images and grouping them together and creating a spatial mapping based on their distances in terms of similarity from one another would help create the Flow.
Convolutional Networks - Extracting Intricate details of an Image and being able to correlate the same with more Structured and detailed reality is one of the many capabilities of CNNs.
Exploratory Reinforcement - Using Genetic Algorithms to explore the Data Flows and Map relations and identifying Patterns dynamically by self-reinforcement would enhance the systems capabilities to cater to variations of a mind's creativity.
Generative Networks - Physics isn't always a forte of Dreams. Using Generative Networks introduces Natural creativity into the systems Transformation and creating new Flows and Designs. A Virtual World.


After going through a series of Breath taking clippings and Identifying How to embark on this journey. I hope it triggers the curious mind within you and helps you explore the various technologies needed on your Journey.

For more such content STAY TUNED 😁


Vaibhav Satpathy

AI Enthusiast and Explorer

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