Peek into the Future: They are Watching

Business of AI Aug 2, 2021

Let me ask you a question -

Are you being Watched?

Can you answer the question being 100% certain of what the reality is? I honestly don't think so.

With the rapid expansion in the field of AI in the past Decade or so, there are huge developments and requirements for massive Data Centres and Machines with High compute power.

The question is why?

Well the obvious answer is to get Blazing fast speed with as Compact and Portable Devices as possible.

As the advancements in Compute stay on the rise, another important aspect that has been consistently evolving is Design and Size.

One cannot ignore the importance of making High Compute Compact and Portable, otherwise it loses the Aesthetics involved in Product Development.

Now enough beating around the bush - Why are we talking about this in the first place?

On one end of the story we talk about Personalised systems and Data privacy on the other hand we are practically handing our Personal Data to Data centres on a Platter.

Think about it, with your Edge systems that you are carrying around all throughout the day, somewhere at a very minimalistic level it is tracking if not anything else but your Geographical location and Actions.

Before we dig in deeper on How and Why and its Impact? Let's take a look at one of clippings of a Product named GOD's EYE from the Movie Franchise of Fast and Furious.

As you could clearly see from the Video above, that various Computer Vision Algorithms when used in Sync with the power of Edge Computing blended into the mix, the applications are just OFF the CHARTS.

Let's talk about some of the technologies that were superficially covered in the clipping -

  1. Object Detection
  2. 3D Mapping
  3. Facial Reconstruction
  4. Predictive systems
  5. Hive Mentality

All of the above mentioned technologies may sound Far Fetched, but don't worry we will cover on HOW of each and every one of them as we dig deeper.

Before we elaborate on those aspects further, let's talk about the Impact such technology can have in our lives.

Here is an example of a demonstration of Military application of such technology.

Well that proves, it is not Fiction anymore.

As scary as it may appear, in the right hands such technology could change the face of Military warfare or National Security and Defences.

Now as promised, lets dig deeper into what it takes to build such a product -

Object Detection - In order to be able to track a particular Entity, it is very essential to be able to localise the precise position or coordinates of that specific entity within the Video. In our previous posts we have covered various methods by which one can train Specialised models for Object Detection.
Facial Reconstruction - Now this is a tricky one. We need to be able to create Cloud points of 3D surface maps of the detected face. Then render the features onto your system and run it across all the devices one is connected to. It has algorithms such as Depth Perception, 3D Rendering, Intuitive construction working simultaneously.
Edge Computing - With advancements made by Nvidia and Intel in the domain of edge inferencing, it has become a much easier road to travel to run Machine Learning Inferences on Edge with High Computing GPU systems. Use of tools such as TensorRT, Openvino or CoreML play significant role in building the base of such products.
Video Intelligence - Processing and Gathering information from just frames of Video sometimes reduces the efficiency of the system and expects one to run many AI Models in parallel to achieve the desired results. Using Video Intelligence to understand the Actions performed, to Caption and Track Objects within the Video enhances the power and impact of such AI products.
Hive Mentality - Clustering is an oversimplified term in such a case. Running your edge devices in clusters makes sense, but in addition to that one needs to make sure that every entity has a mind of its own but is connected to others at the same time. They should have the capability to process and make decisions independently but the information needs to be shared across the Cluster synchronously, making it a Massive Living Organism.

As a part of this article we have answered some of the very compelling questions for our Curious minds. Explaining the various technologies in depth is out of the scope of this article.

But I hope this article finds you well and helps you explore various technologies and algorithms that help you build mind boggling products.

For more detailed content, STAY TUNED 😁


Vaibhav Satpathy

AI Enthusiast and Explorer

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