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Business of AI Aug 13, 2021

Artificial Intelligence, one of the most fascinating and powerful fields in the modern era. The advances we have made in the last 10 years in this field are enormous. We have powered every part of our lives with AI. What seemed to be Science Fiction maybe 5 years ago, is now made possible.

With great power comes great responsibility – Stan Lee

A coin has 2 sides, and this is true for AI as well. The positive side of the story is that these advances in the field have made our lives comfortable and easy.

What is the negative side? Well, why don't we act optimistic and talk about positives first?

To start with the applications of AI, let me take you down memory lane. Let's watch a clip from Mission: Impossible -4.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

What you saw here is one of the ways practical applications of AI can assist in the daily affairs of Police. At the starting of the clip, we saw the man putting a sophisticated eye lense that was connected to a mobile phone-like device he had. At 1:04 minutes in the clip, we saw the agent searching the name of the target.

  1. The centrally located Data Warehouse was able to search for the interested man in real-time
  2. The data was sent with the lowest possible latency to the device held by the agent.
  3. The image data useful for object tracking was then sent to the edge device, i.e. eye lense
  4. The edge device then started matching all the faces coming in front of it with the image of the target.

Phew! that was a lot. And it all happened in a matter of 5 seconds, in the clip at least.

Now you may argue, Whatever you said is cool, but this is a Science Fiction movie. It is possible in real-life situations?

The answer is YES!

With the advancements we have made in the field of technology whatever you saw in the clip is completely possible. Many tech startups are working on the security domain, re-inventing the way we deal with surveillance today.

One of such tech companies is California-based Deep Sentinel. Let's watch them in action.

Power of AI used in Surveillance Industry

Amazing right? Now just think of the benefits we can gain from this. This is completely redefining the way we used to approach business or household surveillance. On a higher level, the core of these technologies are:

  1. Computer Vision
  2. Cloud Infrastructure
  3. Edge Computing

In our previous posts, we have discussed Computer Vision and Cloud Infrastructure in detail. Check out our previous posts.

Computer Vision - Chronicles of AI
Enjoy your journey through different faces of AI. Explore and unravel the mysteries of Artificial Intelligence and build cutting edge technologies challenging the conventions.
Google Cloud Platform - Chronicles of AI
Enjoy your journey through different faces of AI. Explore and unravel the mysteries of Artificial Intelligence and build cutting edge technologies challenging the conventions.

What Else?

The applications of AI are not limited to the surveillance industry. Today Computer Vision is being used in Sports, Healthcare, Education as well as in Gambling industries.

Today governments of many countries are using this technology to maintain homeland security as well. One of the publicly available examples of Mass Surveillance is the Social Credit System introduced by China.

It's scary, isn't it? Yes, it is.

What about our privacy?

This is where Ethical AI comes into play. Not keeping up with the growing technology is just not practical. We rather need to understand and keep a balance between the advantages and ethical implications of any solution we design.

Chapter 3: Do you trust your AI ?
In the previous chapter we understood the Responsibility and Accountability of AI Designers. Today let’s open a new chapter in our story. In today’s fast developing world Data = Power. The organisation that controls data controls everything. But on the same parallel we hear many a times that AI requ…


We live in an era of Smartphones. Almost every one of us has this small yet powerful device in our pockets almost all the time. Now let me ask you a question which may make you a bit uncomfortable.

Can you name 1 application on your mobile phone, that doesn't store any information about you?

I'll leave you with this question and a clip from Eagle Eye. Hope to see you in our next article of Peak Into The Future. Stay Safe :)


Arpit Jain

Machine Learning Engineer

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